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Outback Aussie Shacks

Coolabah Landscapes is proud to present their award winning  “Aussie Outback Shack”.
Made from recycled products, this is sustainable, enivironmentally friendly design mixed with functionality and tradition at its best.  Each shack is handcrafted using traditional building techniques and locally available recycled products and is built taking into consideration the  build site and end function of the shack to ensure that it blends seamlessly into its environment.  There are a number of designs available , however the final design of each shack is a collaboration of the owner and design team to maximise the usability of your Aussie Outback Shack.  No two shacks are the same.
The Aussie Outback Shack offers a traditional, truly Australian alternative to the back patio/deck or pergola/gazebo.  It can accommodate BBQ facilities, sound systems, bar, fridge, fire place, windows, verandah, sink,; all depending on what you want to do with your shack.  However rather than just being a deck or a pergola, the Aussie Outback Shack creates a welcoming, relaxing, step back in time atmosphere; a place where you instinctively feel you want to kick back and relax, share a beer with some mates or have dinner under the stars.
The Aussie Outback Shack can be attached to the back of a wall to dress up a boring back wall, it can be long and narrow like the old saloon bars or it can be an old time bar and pool room.  Regardless of which style you select you can be guaranteed a complete transformation and a genuinely inviting Australian outdoor living space.
And because each Aussie Outback Shack has its own personality and is unique, like its owners, each shack comes with a solid iron rustic name plaque for mounting above the entrance, courtesy of Coolabah Landscapes.
So what are you waiting for, give us a call and see which shack suits you .....