4 Things to Consider When Building a Pool in 2020:

If there was ever a good time to build your own swimming pool, it is now. As Melbourne grapples with COVID normal, a swimming pool in your backyard will solve more problems than one. Pools are an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality and this provides a wonderful setting to spend some family time or throw yourself a mini party. 

Swimming pools serve different purposes to different people and we understand the art of creating ideal pool designs that would satisfy everyone. With our custom options and low construction costs, our vision is to create affordable landscaping ideas that will make your home aesthetically pleasing and holiday-ready. Here are 4 things to consider when building a pool in 2020.

1. Pool landscape design

You have infinite indoor and outdoor landscaping options and garden designs to make your staycation lively and fun-filled. Choosing to incorporate small garden designs to accentuate your residential pool will instantly make it more inviting and will make your swimming pool an integral part of your everyday life. 

Designs inspired by nature have been a big hit this season and you too could add your own private pond or rock garden to your backyard. For those looking for a contemporary vibe, there are plenty of outdoor artificial designs that can add both design and functionality to your pool.  

Additionally , we can help you add the right decor, lighting and hot tubs that will convert your pool into the family’s favourite hangout spot. Check out our portfolio for more design inspiration,

2. Swimming pool safety for children

With children around, there is an added element of safety and we are committed to making their swimming pool experience memorable by building custom wading areas for children or a deck that could double up as a picnic table. 

As Melbourne’s most sought after pool builders, we offer pool supplies that would make any pool party fun and safe. Customising a sun pod with low maintenance features like spray jets will help the kids stay engaged with minimal supervision. 

We design with safety in mind and provide you with fun and safe features like a water wall, a sap and temperature controlling measures to make the best use of the pool for everyone in the family.

3. Which type of pool is best?

Constructing a swimming pool is much more than checking a box. We know there are too many pool building options and materials to choose from. But we also know what the best options are and how to create our own paradise at affordable costs.

From custom concrete pools to fibreglass pools to lap pools, Coolabah delivers comfort and luxury, combined with low-cost maintenance and we make sure that you feel like royalty in your pool. 

Adding a variety of greenery and traditional stones can instantly give a royal aesthetic and convert your backyard into a functional space that stands out to make your home a fan favourite.

4. Choosing the right pool lightning

Pool lighting not only elevates the mood and elegance of your pool, it is also an easy way to accentuate your transitional areas and extend your swimming sessions well into the night by improving the visibility.

Smart lights and multi-colour LED lights are the trend of the season and we are here to assist you with retrofitting and maintaining your lighting solutions without any hassle.

These energy-efficient lighting solutions give you added functionality at affordable costs. New age smart lights come in a variety of colour and intensity options and are an amazing way to elevate the ambience of the pool. You can also play around with fire pits if you are looking at a natural way to light up your pool. The fire pits can be constructed with brick or stone and combined with a range of fuel options that is safe and easy to maintain.

The team at Coolabah Pools & Landscapes are available to chat about all things pool related – from design, to budget and timelines. Contact us today on 03 9763 4566 to talk about your project or click the link below to book a free consultation.

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